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May 17, 2019
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May 17, 2019

The Abc’s of Blissful Joy


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Best selling Author Dr Huma Tofique, has a keen interest in positive psychology and has approached the topic of joy,bliss and happiness with a scientific outlook and dissected through years of different works of research and evidence based materials to bring forth this simplified and easy formula to live happily. Simply put it is a collection of scientifically proven ways to getting a happier,healthier and more fulfilling life. The book is filled with insights and strategies for a new improved way of living to help you in achieving optimal health and happiness.It is a simple and easy to read book,with topics arranged alphabetically which serve as easy-to-remember Mantras that you can incorporate into your life.All these Mantras or techniques described have a scientific evidence-base to back their efficacy and effectiveness.This book is a step-wise guide about how to achieve lasting happiness,meaning,purpose & joy in your life.It is a journey worth undertaking as you shall truly be a transformed person by the end of it and that is guaranteed as we are not the one’ssaying it,decades of numerous trials and researches have proved these methods to be highly successful.It shall help you attain and possess the apparently elusive state of true blissful joy.It is a one-stop resource for positive thinking-a guide to attainment of genuine happiness,it shall also help improve your physical health,overall well-being,increase productivity and enable you to reach your true potential.
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