The Abc’s of Blissful Joy
May 17, 2019

Pearls of Wisdom


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Dr Huma’s first beautiful book has powerful visual imagery based on color therapy designed specifically to stimulate your mind for positivity and happiness. This book is about self esteem,gratitude,personal development,motivation,love,knowledge health and abundance.It is a compilation of quotes from iconic influential personalities like Dr Wayne Dyer,Jim Rohn, Zig Zaggler ,Ralph Waldo Emerson,Brian Tracey,William James,Mark Twain and many others.It is a powerful tool to relax you and slow things down in the hustle & bustle;and stresses of modern day living.It uplifts your mood and raises your spirits almost instantaneously.The idea behind this book is to educate you about the importance of just taking a pause and looking within to get the answers you have been searching for.The Quotes in this book have been very carefully and tastefully chosen to help you develop insights about the art of living joyfully. So if you are ready for a beautiful journey in rediscovering yourself and starting anew for a better quality of life with a different way of thinking then this is the book for you.I wish you all the best and hope that this book will enable you to have a more fulfilled and happier life.
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