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May 17, 2019
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October 27, 2019

My Gratitude Journal


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Its not Happiness that brings us Gratitude ,its Gratitude that brings us Happiness.Dr Huma has developed a 30 day Gratitude Journal which is a program developed to access your subconscious mind and change your thinking to facilitate happier living.People are creatures of habit. Research shows that those who participate in a “daily” routine are 3 times as likely to stay on their program than those who participate 6 days a week – and fare 5 times better than those who participate 3, 4 or 5 days a week. Therefore, you will need to use your program daily for the entire 30 days. The object is for your subconscious to understand that you are already “happy.” Since like attracts like, more happiness will come your way. Plus, by appreciating what you have, you’ll find you are a happier person. Describing “why” you are grateful for something, adds importance and impact. Describing how you “feel” adds emotion, which strengthens your subconscious mind. If you follow this program to the letter, you will not only be happier, you will be blissful. Remain open and watch for “miracles.” The universe works in strange ways. Mini miracles happen all the time, we just don’t notice them. If you find yourself “lucky” or fortunate at any time during this program, make sure you say “thank you” to the universe and acknowledge that the program that you are working is working for you. We are awaiting your results. Please e-mail us during or after the 30 days to let us know how you are doing and about the successes you are having in your life. For your Happy Bliss!
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